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Tony Kushner sobre “Mãe Coragem” de Brecht

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“So is that an anti-war play? Brecht was not a simple man. His personality and his politics are fascinatingly complex, as is his theoretical writing, his poetry, his plays, all of it remarkably resistant to reductive labelling. Mother Courage and Her Children, in my opinion the greatest of his many great works, is not a simple play. It places us in judgment of the actions of a woman who inhabits a universe defined by war, who often makes calamitous choices; but her choices are unbearably hard, and sometimes all but impossible. She refuses to understand the nature of her tragic circumstances; she is afraid that looking back will weaken her. She reaches correct conclusions and then immediately discards them. We watch her world grow lonelier and less forgiving with each bad choice she makes. We feel we are watching her dying, yet she refuses to die. Her indomitability, her hardiness, come to seem dehumanising, less mythic than monstrous.”



Written by Jorge

Setembro 15, 2009 às 2:42 pm

Publicado em Reflexão

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